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52 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 well, and Auto Action has become a leader in the implementation of these technolo- gies, which are designed to reduce and ulti- mately eliminate traffic deaths, with plans to do even more in the decade to come. STEPS WE'RE TAKING TODAY What are the next steps for Auto Action? We believe the path to continued growth lies in supporting these education efforts for the end-user. Here are two specific areas where we'll be focusing our attention: Fleet Adoption & Education Fleet companies will continue to see increased insurance costs and endure distracted driving collisions if we cannot educate them on how to utilize in-vehicle technology to improve their businesses. Of course, the first steps are to install telematics systems, back-up cameras and forward collision systems, to name a few of the poplar ADAS products multi-vehicle operators covet, but if we don't work to educate these fleet consumers on how the technology is intended to work, we will not advance the category. Auto Action is rolling out a full training pro- gram to support our customers after the instal- lation of these technology sets. Our clients' ability to apply the technology to everyday business is vital to their understanding of the true benefits of this technology. Performing top-tier installations is simply not enough any longer. So, our new web app ODIN (named after the god of wisdom!) is designed to support tools that will assist the companies we partner with to provide continued education. ODIN is designed to bestow information in a fun, relaxed way to the fleet client. In addition, our support tech will be able to support not only service tickets for the technology, but offer software help as well for any technology partner. Dealer Lot Management In a time of uncertainty for the restyler due to the rapid changes happening to tradi- tional car dealer models, Auto Action is clear as to its intended growth in this new decade. We have been able to apply a lot of these principles we've discussed to support our new car dealer clients through the utilization of robust lot management software. Our initial effort is to get them comfort- able with the software available today to track and analyze a vehicle's location, speed and health. We believe this is important as yet another way of educating the trusted dealerships we've built partnerships with over the past 40 years. Dealer feedback of what we've done so far has been outstanding and we expect that this will quickly become a must-have platform for new car sellers in the very near future. EMBRACE THE NEW ADVANCEMENTS If you are not excited for this coming decade, you should be. I suggest you con- tinue to push outside your comfort zone and understand that ADAS/Smart City deployments are disruptive movements that are new to everyone—no one has the playbook—so this is your chance to get in at the beginning. We are approaching an exciting time for our country as we continue to watch these technologies take shape. Our industry will continue to be an important part of their development and implementation, and I look forward to doing my part to help advance the movement. JARED COHEN, CEO of Auto Action Group Inc. in New York & New Jersey, was named SEMA Restyler of the Year for 2018-'19. Coming into its 42nd year in business, Auto Action Group offers a wide variety of electronics, appearance packages and finan- cial service products, allowing it to service all departments of the new car dealer. The com- pany's new growth focus is on the advance- ment of safety technology & the Vision Zero movement. Email Jared at jcohen@autoac- The adoption and instal- lation of ADAS technology sets in new vehicles contin- ue to challenge vehicle and technology manufacturers, and the aftermarket will be needed to educate and sup- port the implementation, particularly for the used vehicle market. (Photos courtesy Metra Electronics) Auto Action recently opened an Innovation Center to sustain the R&D efforts of technology integration. EMBRACING THE ADAS MARKET

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