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54 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 MARCH 2020 F uel pumps are one of those components that have a very special niche. They bridge two huge and costly components in the tank and carburetor/EFI and, if they fail, those components—no matter what they cost—become worthless. It's a position of great importance and, as such, they warrant up-to-date research by both the customer and the seller. Shops need to have the proper info so they can be the valuable source their customers expect them to be. In fact, as you'll see, they may be better thought of as a system than as a single part. So, to learn more, we asked our sources about the challenges, mistakes and tips for selling fuel pumps, and also got an update on hot-selling part numbers. WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU Fuel pumps are far from a one-size-fits-all product, and choices may vary, even in very similar engine setups. "The biggest challenge for shops is deter- mining what style of fuel pump is best suited for the customer's application," says Skylar Drake, creative & technical writer for Quick Fuel Technology, a Holley Per- formance Products company. "Mounting, line routing, tank location, power require- ments, etc. all affect how a fuel pump func- tions, and it can be difficult to explain to customers why one style of pump will out- perform another in certain applications. Explaining the benefits of in-tank versus in-line or lift versus gravity feed can make all the difference during a sale." And if the customer is doing a home installation, it's important they leave your shop with everything they'll need. "Make sure the customer has all of the parts he will need to complete his fuel system," note Jeff Stacy and Johnson Bar- rick, executive VP and VP of sales/marketing SPECIAL DELIVERY 54 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 The proper fuel pump setup can feed any engine. Don't underestimate the importance of fuel pumps. By John Carollo Fuel Pumps p.54 Fuel Tank Venting p.60 Sharpy's p.64 Destinations p.68 Products p.74

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