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58 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 not educating themselves on real-world flow data. The misconception is that the bigger the number on the pump model, the more power it will support. But the truth is, there are a lot of overrated pumps on the market," he notes, encouraging shop owners to seek quality third-party testing data if they have questions. Stacy and Barrick agree that proper fit- ment is more than just matching num- bers—something shops may have to explain to customers that have a particular flow rating in mind. "Don't just sell the customer what they might think they want," they say. "Instead, educate the customer on the differences in each brand or pump." Along with different types of lines for different fuels, there is also the question of system demands. "One common error I've found in racing applications is accounting for different fuel demands—methanol or E85, for example," says Drake. "Most see that a pump is rated for 1,200 hp and is compatible with E85 and assume that means it's (also) 1,200 hp for gasoline or ethanol. In most cases, E85 will demand 35-40% or more fuel, depending on the setup. A lot of customers SPECIAL DELIVERY Popular Fuel Pump Products Manufacturers share their latest hot sellers: HOT SELLER: Gen II Stealth Fuel Tanks FEATURES & BENEFITS: A com- plete, fully assembled gas tank with the patented Phantom system for 50-plus applications including 1964-'68 Ford Mustangs, 1982-'92 Chevrolet Camaros and even 1970-'74 Dodge Challengers; solves fuel starvation issues under a quarter-tank; plug-and-play. -----------------Aeromotive Fuel Systems HOT SELLER: 30-200QFT High- Performance Electric In-Line Fuel Pump FEATURES & BENEFITS: A 160- gph, twin-pump design that supports 1,600 hp at 43 psi on race gas; designed for street/strip use; compact; weighs just over 5 pounds. Quick Fuel Technology/ ------------Holley Performance Products HOT SELLER: 340 LPH In-Tank Fuel Pumps FEATURES & BENEFITS: Alcohol-compatible; several sizes avail- able to fit a variety of fuel cell assemblies; popular in multi-pump fuel cell surge tank upgrades; high volume; low price. -----------AEM Performance Electronics HOT SELLER: DW440 Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pump FEATURES & BENEFITS: Flows 440 lph at 40 psi at standard 13.8 bat- tery voltage and 620 lph at 40 psi at 20V; compact size; included bulkhead wiring kit; optional venturi jet outlet; compatible with all fuels including methanol and E100. -----------------------------DeatschWerks The biggest challenge for shops is determining what style of fuel pump is best suited for the customer's application. (Photo courtesy Quick Fuel Technology/ Holley Performance Products) Different fuels demand different fuel pump ap- plications to deliver what the customer expects. (Photo courtesy Quick Fuel Technology/Holley Performance Products) Before selecting your fuel pump, determine the horsepower output you are targeting, know the energy density of the fuel you are using and know the base and total fuel pressure you will be running. (Photo courtesy DeatschWerks)

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