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72 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 TRIPS CAR Asia's City of Dreams has unveiled TheArsenale, dubbed "The Most Insane Garage in the World." Designed to showcase "the world's most sought-after rare finds from land, sea and air," TheArsenale calls itself "the first worldwide marketplace dedicated to the motion universe, connecting the world's best niche vehicle makers, brands and talented designers with petrol-heads, discerning collectors and art nuts." The meticulously curated store brings together an array of rare cars, private jets, submarines, custom motorcycles, exclusive branded boats, bicycles and graphic skateboards, timepieces, art- works and more. Following the launch of high-profile locations in Paris, Miami and Dubai, TheArsenale showroom at City of Dreams features more than 40 extraor- dinary machines and other unique items, according to officials, including Formula 1, Formula E and Roborace vehicles and Centauri's pioneering Valkyrie lightweight aircraft. "We are thrilled to bring TheArsenale to Asia, and City of Dreams is the most perfect location for our first showroom in the region," said Patrice Meignan, founder & CEO of TheArsenale. "The showroom is carefully spaced out to allow visitors a 360-degree view of all vehicles, and art- works are the result of a thorough selec- tion process. Prepare to see an AI-operated Roborace car sitting beside private jets, and custom motorcycles holding graphic skateboards. Prepare for the ultimate unity between tradition and technology." The showroom retail space also features the Rezvani Tank, a Hellcat- powered creation that stole the show in the action movie Men in Black. Nearby are luxurious BMX bikes created in col- laboration with Dior, and surfboards branded by Ferrari and Bentley. TheArtpark—the art section of TheArsenale—highlights such works as The Tank, a pink chair with gleaming tank-treads designed by musician Phar- rell Williams. City of Dreams Boasts 'The Most Insane Garage in the World' On display at TheArsenale is a Renault R.S. 18 that was designed to compete during the 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Visit TheArsenale to see the "Rezvani Tank" from Rezvani Motors. The Centauri Valkyrie is designed as an elegant solution to avant-garde private transportation. The interior is designed by Maserati. Caffeine & Machine (C&M) is a recently opened boutique hotel in England that attracts an auto- inspired clientele.

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