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2020 Team Sales Report

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2 | THE TEAM SALES REPORT 2020 W hen decorating on-demand, heat printing is a no- brainer, especially when it comes to athletic ap- parel with difficult placements and unique sub- strates. Apparel decoration for jerseys, fanwear, and practice gear has evolved over the years from never-before- seen fabrics and the expectation to personalize everything right now. We can now decorate the side of a player's shoe or personal- ize a practice ball within minutes when, in the past, it wasn't an option or would require different technologies, more time, and additional resources. The NFL Draft is a perfect example of apparel decoration at the speed of now. With a line of presses, racks of blank jerseys, and pre-cut names using heat transfer vinyl, a decoration team stood by ready to heat apply the personalized jersey as the players were announced. It takes a lot of planning to prepare, but what do you do if the same name is called twice for the same team? You don't have multiples for each team, but you need it now! That's where an on-site vinyl cutters come in handy, allowing the team to cut the name in minutes. With the right technology and materials, the impossible just became a heck of a lot easier. OPTIONS ALL AROUND For more options with customized sporting goods, more and more professional arenas are offering personalization at the game. You can find kiosks, shops, and even phone applications to create your own personalized jersey while you watch your team live. It's now an expectation for teams to offer this service to fans at every game and in every pro shop. Granted, your everyday team shop won't have the need to create a high-level personalized uniform on-demand for a professional athlete, but that doesn't mean a kid on the little league team down the street doesn't need the same attention. Years ago, a little league team would have a set of jerseys for the kids in one size with the team name and a number. There was nothing personal about it. I can recall my own softball jersey being two sizes too big for me, and the only way my parents knew it was me in the outfield was the giant number three on my back in black, shiny vinyl. Now, 30 years later, my toddler's soccer jersey is not only her size but has her name and number printed on the back in a soft, white vinyl that looks like it's part of the fabric. From the big leagues to the pee-wee teams, customiza- tion is the expectation. (All images courtesy Stahls') SPORTS ON-DEMAND! THE INCREASING IMPORTANCE OF ON-DEMAND SPORTS APPAREL V I C TO R I A N A R D I N I

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