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This is what the Sawgrass printer Print Head Adjustment looks like. ALL IMAGES COURTESY KEVIN LUMBERG suggested when you size it to your finished product. If you start with a 300 DPI image, but it is only one-inch square, by the time you enlarge it to an 8-by-10-inch product, it will be a much lower DPI. The larger size you make it, the smaller the final DPI will be. CALIBRATING YOUR SUBLIMATION PRINTER Sublimators use inkjet printers to print their images onto sublimation paper. Inkjet printers create images by jetting small drop- lets of CMYK ink onto the paper, creating tiny dots, and mix CMYK dots to create the colors of the rainbow. Further, the print head is moving back and forth across the paper and uses precise timing to jet the droplets at the correct time. Printers also advance the paper slightly after each pass of the print head across the paper. If that timing of jetting the droplets of ink or the advancement of the paper is off slightly, your image will not be the best possible quality. Luckily for sublimators, printers have a maintenance procedure to calibrate those settings. On the Sawgrass printers, these calibrations are located where you would do a head cleaning and nozzle check. The Print Head Alignment calibrates the side- The Sawgrass printer Paper Feed Adjustment; you should perform printer calibrations periodically to maintain the best print quality. A&E MARCH 2020 • 9

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