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( and Survey Monkey ( Both offer a basic (free) plan that allows users to launch an unlimited number of surveys with as many as 10 poll questions per and collect up to 100 responses per month. More advanced and robust plans are available for a paid subscription. I subscribe to the KISS (keep it simple, sonny) philosophy of survey question develop- ment. Keep surveys to less than a half-dozen or so questions so that respondents won't have to spend more than 10 minutes to complete it. Ask open-ended questions — who, what, how, why, etc. — to allow customers to respond freely and offer new-to-you insights. Ask closed probes — multiple- choice type questions, for example — to steer them into giving you the answers about which you most want to know. Some excellent customer survey ques- tions include: • What should we start doing/offering in order to improve your satisfaction with our company? • What should we keep doing/offering? • What should we stop doing? • Who else do you know who would benefit from doing business with us? • What is the number one reason you do business with us? Select only one, please. (Provide a list that may contain options such as "low prices, superior quality, the outstanding help before the order was placed, the promise of out- standing support after the purchase, on- time as-promised delivery, convenient location and hours, creativity in design, a current sale or promotion, etc.) Give respondents the option to remain anonymous but encourage them to provide contact information in case you need to follow up — offer to enter them into a drawing for a prize (e.g. a gift card) if they submit their name, email address, or phone. Even collecting sev- eral dozen responses from the right customers will yield a wealth of information. What you do with their insight and advice is the real question. DECISIONS, DECISIONS A VoC initiative could suggest you should add new product lines and/or tech- nology, or step up your delivery, operations, or sales efforts — which gets you thinking about moving into a larger place, buying new equipment, or hiring proven sales talent or introducing customer care training. A&E MARCH 2020 • 21

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