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26 • A&E MARCH 2020 Sales & Marketing • Keep the company's magnifying glass handy. Use it to check on progress, explore new/better ways to do things, look for ways to eliminate chaos, and keep on track for success. At our store, since everyone in the busi- ness is involved in sales (even those who work behind the scenes), we have whole- team meetings that help everyone be on the same page with where we are and where we expect to be. It doesn't matter if an employee never calls on a customer or takes a turn at the front counter — everyone is responsible in some part for the begin- ning, follow-through, and/or completion of each sale. The sales team influences the outcome of each order they take by connecting with the client and writing the order for the customer's approval (and as we all know, sometimes we have to be mind readers). The production team puts their stamp on an order with graphics, layout, and producing the work. The delivery person, whether at the front counter or taking it to the client, shows the importance of their role in the way they present the products. Today, customers are all about the CX (customer experience). We have a system at our store: when we deliver work at our front counter, we hold the work up with white- glove panache. We want our customers to know we have pride in our work. After the client has seen and approved the work, we rewrap each piece as though it is a valuable piece of art. We want our customer to feel the care and attention that went into their project. That's the image, the CX, we hope they'll take when they leave the store. Remember the old saying, "Knowledge is power"? It's my opinion that we can improve our CX by improving our industry knowledge. When we are the experts, our customers feel comfortable in our hands. They feel the CX. Our industry offers so many opportuni- ties for education. (Editor's note: Check the A&E schedule at the back of each issue for the opportunity closest to your company.) I never seem to quit learning. Every conference I attend sends me home with more good ideas than I expected. My mother used to tell me over and over, "You learn something new every day!" This is true. And when we participate in industry education, we learn something new every session. My favorite marketing professor taught me to use March as the time to measure and review current marketing, sales, and busi- ness development, before the first quarter is over, to help increase chances for a good year-end bottom line. March can be a new beginning! A&E

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