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March '20

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A&E MARCH 2020 • 29 Sandcarver and film The CrystalBlast sandcarving machines used with the variety of photoresist films offered by IKONICS Imaging provide users with unforgettable results, states the company. Features of the machines include CleanFlo technology. 800-643-1037 Medal lines Catania Medallic Specialty Inc. increases its product offerings with the release of the new Medals of Distinction and Scholastic Medals. The company's Medals of Distinction are 2 1/2" round medals with rectangular ribbon loops. They are available in bright gold finish and have the option to be personalized and engraved. The Scholastic Medals are slightly smaller. At 2" in diameter, these round medals have round ribbon loops and are available in bright gold, silver, and bronze finishes. 800-633-2586 Laser machines Users can create scholastic awards with an Epilog laser. Epilog's equipment makes it easy to create all kinds of awards, whether it's multiple identical awards for a school team or a unique one- of-a-kind award for a specific achievement, the company states. 303-277-1188 Benchtop flatbed printer Roland's new VersaUV LEF2-200 builds upon the capabilities of the company's previous VersaUV LEF series printers. Recom- mended for creating customized plaques and awards, the LEF2- 200 direct-prints CMYK graphics on most substrates or objects up to 3.94" thick. Users can also employ Roland's gloss and white ECO-UV inks to create dimensional and textural effects. Included is Roland's RIP software, VersaWorks 6. 800-542-2307 A&E

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