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A&E MARCH 2020 • 31 Graphic Design The Straight Line mode constrains the object to a predetermined shape as in Figure 2, which compares it with the other two — Single-Arc and Double-Arc modes — selecting the top center node and dragging it upward. Holding the Ctrl key while dragging causes the bottom shape to follow equally in the same direction. (Since, for my purposes, the Single-Arc mode is most often preferred, Figure 3 is used as an example.) Holding the Shift key while dragging causes the bottom shape to move equally in the opposite direction. ADVANCED FEATURES The more advanced Envelope features are usually best accomplished with the Envelope docker (Figure 4) open: Effects>Envelope (Ctrl+F7). The docker displays a large number of preset shapes available. Though fun to play with, most of the presets, in my experience, are of little prac- tical value, though a few have proven to be somewhat useful. There is a small slider to scroll through the preset options available. The other abilities of the docker are well worth some explanation, so we'll start there. Four additional options appear in the docker: Putty, Horizontal, Original, and Vertical. Putty allows shapes and angles to be altered as necessary. Horizontal keeps all horizontal lines intact, altering only the Fig 4 Fig 5

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