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A&E MARCH 2020 • 35 A&E MARCH 2020 • 35 Sales & Marketing products, but yet you reuse the original blank product box to package things or just hand the customer the products in a generic plastic bag? The first thing we have to do is step back from the day-to-day operations and look at the entirety of the customer experience. In this case, focus on what happens from the time that you complete production all the way to when they make their next order with you. Specifics like your packaging, folding, protection of the product inside the package, details included with the care and use instruc- tions, shipping partners you work with, extras and unexpected gifts, satisfaction follow up, empathy and caring about why the customer purchased from you (did it meet their needs), and your process to ask them for the next order must all be examined. Once you see where you are currently at, it is time to rise to the next level. What things can you change that will make a big impact on the experience while still main- taining a similar cost level to maximize profits? Remember this is about increasing profits, not about adding expense. Remember that many times, increasing costs is actually an investment and that investment can, in the long run, reap more profits. This is where you have to understand your customers and what they value. You don't want to add a bunch of plastic and cardboard if your customers are more environmentally friendly, but you could add recycled shipping materials or reuse packages and have a sticker that tells them why.

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