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March '20

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36 • A&E MARCH 2020 THREE AREAS TO EXAMINE So, let's talk about a couple of specific ways you might be able to increase value after production. Customer Service - Two massive busi- nesses were built around this premise. Amazon focused on being the best cus- tomer service company on the planet, and while you would be hard-pressed to find a phone number for them, the focus on making the buying, returning, and ship- ping process as quick and easy as possible made them the superpower they are today. Then, look at a company that is now owned by Amazon, Zappos. They sold shoes online, took every dollar that would have been spent on marketing, and put it towards customer service. It seemed to work out pretty good for them. We can do things like always saying yes to our customers and then making sure we only do business with the ones that we are OK saying yes to. We can be quick to respond and always put ourselves in our customers' shoes first before making any judgments. We can improve our policies and make sure those policies are there to protect and keep promises made to our customers, not to protect the business from having to deal with a difficult situation. Packing/Shipping and Delivery - We already talked a little about understanding what our customers value, as well as making sure our post-production message matches up to our brand and company identity. But can you take it a step further? A book I recommend you read is called "Talk Triggers" by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin. This book discusses making talk- able moments around your products or services in a systematic and thought-out way. This could be things like adding an extra unexpected gift or individually pack- aging and marking orders that are meant to be handed out to a group to make a customer's life easier. As a volleyball coach, I hated the extra time I had to spend opening and reboxing

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