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March '20

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A&E MARCH 2020 • 37 award plaques to figure out who got what. This part to me is similar to how a high- end steak house brings you a wonderful cut of meat, but before it comes out, they place a little pad of butter on top at just the right time so the steak lands on your table juicy and even more delicious. As a steak lover, that is an emotional experience for me. What is the pad of butter you are giving your customers? Follow-Up – Lastly, what are you doing after the customer gets the product? Are you making sure they are 100% satisfied? Do they have any questions? One thing I like to do is ask them on a scale of 1 to 10 how they would rate the products and service. Then, if you get anything less than a 10, ask them what you could have done to get a 10. This feedback is invaluable for future customer experiences. Also, make sure you ask about them. Did they buy the items because of a special event, and if so, how did that event go? And then (here is where that increased profit comes from), how are you going to ask them for the next order? If your customer is buying items for a specific yearly event, then don't bug them every month for the next year. At the same time, don't wait for them to contact you. Find out when they start planning, is the buying still going to be their responsibility, and then make sure you contact them at the right time. Understand their buying cycle and follow up appropriately. If you are confident your service was the best it could be and you provided a good value for the products you offered, then you should ask for a second order and a referral. You are going to be way harder on yourself than your customer is, so be confident in yourself, your value, and the service you bring to your customers. Building lasting customers who become more like friends than customers is a far more rewarding and profitable experience than turning and burning customers. Now go get those profits! Sales & Marketing A&E ® 800-345-0062 WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? QUALITY? INNOVATION? THE ORIGINAL? THE BEST?

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