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March '20

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A&E MARCH 2020 • 43 Laser Engraving and lunch hour scheduling become more important. Following procedures, espe- cially related to processing orders, is critical. Employees should be able to count on how they will receive order information and be communicated with. Rush Job Policies You might consider a limited font selec- tion and graphic work during your busiest time, especially for walk-in customers that are not repeat customers. Turn Down Complex Projects Most of the complex project requests we get are during the holidays from walk- in customers we have never served before. During slow times, we typically accommo- date these customers. During busy times, we have learned to say, "No thank you." Taking them on can result in missing other deadlines or making errors caused by stress on projects from your ongoing clients. Customer's Products Customer products may present mate- rials we are unfamiliar with, odd shapes, or small engravable spaces. The labor intensity of these projects may result in low or no profits. As you are not making any money from selling the product, unpackaging and repackaging time costs you money. These subtle work extras should be considered in your service pricing and again, saying no to some of these opportunities may be wise. EMPLOYEES AND MANAGEMENT Communications and Interruptions Interruptions are a major cause of errors, such as spelling errors, missed lines, and layout errors. A simple rule to use between employees is not to interrupt an employee who is working on a layout until that person acknowledges that they are done. Stress adds to errors and to the need to interrupt. Low-volume calming music in the production area can help as well. Taking short walks on breaks allows people to clear their minds, breath, and relax. Con- sider other ways to reduce stress during busy times. Order Forms Order forms are critical regardless of how many employees you have. Even if you are a one-person shop, details can easily be forgotten in just a few minutes. You may find that different order forms work best for different types of products or produc- tion processes. We have incorporated laser engraving and color printing into one order form. A separate order form for sandcarving works best for us. These are our order forms, one for sandcarving and one for laser and UV printing. Order forms are critical regardless of how many employees you have. Create a repair kit for each piece of production equipment that contains parts that most frequently wear out. ENGRAVING MACHINES INNOVATION IN THE ENGRAVING AND MARKING INDUSTRIES ›› Fast ›› Easy to Use ›› Built to Last GEM-RX5 GEM-FX5 GEM-CX5 WWW.U-MARQ.US • 860-799-7800 Get involved in editorial opportunities for A&E each month! Call Cassie Green at 720.566.7278 or email

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