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March '20

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A&E MARCH 2020 • 45 Laser Engraving to hold them steady or flat. I use mod- eling clay as my go-to material since I can create a large number of shapes to hold most products. It may take a few minutes to build my unique holder, but I don't have to spend time searching and trying out dif- ferent solutions. Clay can be removed easily without leaving behind anything but per- haps a small amount of oil that can easily be rubbed or cleaned off. Spell Checking Double and triple check spelling. Read words and sentences backwards. Have a pro- cess that includes another person performing a second spell check. Inventory Several weeks before the start of busy season, take account of both inventory and supplies you project you will need. Order slightly more than you think you will need. Not only does this put time on your side, but you take less risk that your supplier will be out of stock in the middle of your busy season. Expanding Your Product and Service Offerings Plan on adding new products and ser- vices at least several months before the start of a busy season. Give yourself time to work out bugs, tweak new settings, and perfect any new processes that are needed. SOFTWARE New and Updating Software Software price discounts may be enticing during the holiday season. If you purchase new software or upgrade at this time, don't implement it until after your busy season is over. Learning a new program, working with changes, or dealing with a crash can be better handled during a quieter time. Network Drives and Cloud Storage Crashing hard disks, accidentally deleting files, and corrupt files can be devastating to your business. Your internet router creates a network that allows you to add an independent network drive that can house all your important files and share them with any computer that it is con- nected to. I have purchased a large network drive that has an application built in that auto- matically uploads my files and changes to my cloud storage service called iDrive. I have used it numerous times to recover lost or corrupt files and once to recover all my files after a hard drive crash. MANAGING STRESS Think about what causes stress and chaos in your business. These are the things to focus on, finding new ways to manage. Sales revenues are always welcome from the busy times. Losses due to inefficiency and errors are not. Maximizing sales while minimizing the added costs is always our goal. It does take planning and effort. A&E

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