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1 2 P R I N T W E A R M A R C H 2 0 2 0 DON'T FIGHT THE TREATMENT I remember the exact moment I was told I had lymphoma. My family and I ex- perienced the five emotional stages that Elisabeth Kubler-Ross outlined in her book "On Death and Dying." Luckily, I had studied her findings while in college and understood that, I too would need to pass through denial, anger, bargain- ing, depression, and acceptance. When you become aware of a potentially serious condition in your business organization, recognize your reaction and handling of the news through each of the five stages. Burying your head in the sand (denial) or your company's business processes. A good business-development consultant should be able to help you revise, refine, and renew your basic business plan and assist in the cre- ation of a strategic plan. Through such planning, you should be able to realize a healthier bottom line by increasing sales, boosting profitability and productivity, and/or reducing or containing costs and waste. The plan will show you how much is at stake. It is still your obligation to make the plan happen. More on that later. Many business owners aren't aware that such assessments are available just for the asking. What's the worst that can happen? You learn that a full-blown audit of your operation is cost-prohibitive? Then don't do it. Settle for what you can comfortably afford or for what is available to you for free. Most importantly, turning a blind eye to the shortcomings of your company is not a smart or viable option. If I had ignored the minor aches and pains I experienced early on in my situation, I'm certain the treatment would have been more radical and the prognosis less favorable. I caught my cancer early. Don't allow a "cancer" in your business to fester. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Your Personal Business Trainer

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