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2 0 2 0 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R 1 5 Since this was a show piece, we were af- forded 10-plus screens. Our client was rolling out new RFU colors, so we picked many of the brightest, while primary and secondary color theory would round out the design. Can't go wrong with vivid com- plementary colors red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple. Once our pencil sketches were complete, we moved to Adobe Illustrator to black line the image using the pen tool and we added some brush effects. The painting process was manageable with areas sectioned off for easy selection and done airbrush style within the line art with some masking. We started with background elements and filled them with color to get basic theory laid out. Much of the painting was done on a tablet. Some spots were not fully rendered, as the Tiki surfer overlapped those areas. We used yellow and royal to render out the leaves and added drama with light and shadow to bring life to the illustration. A similar technique on the Tiki surfer was used to balance out the color theory and apply fine details. Cool colors were used in shadow recesses to accentuate the warmer tones. The sun was the light source for highlights and we used the aqua for bright points close to the wave. The purple gave the illusion of rounded surfaces. The aqua, white, and royal built additional tones. Shadows were created by removing percentages of the white base plate information.

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