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3 0 P R I N T W E A R M A R C H 2 0 2 0 Alexa Cary / Co-Owner IN-HOUSE PRINTS / EST. 2016 What's one piece of advice you wish you heard a long time ago? Learn to say no and stick with your decision. Being a female in the industry, some- times there is a lot of pressure put on us, whether it is intentional or not. Specifically, keeping clients happy and getting the job done no matter what it takes. I've slowly learned stressing out over a quick-turn job, working late and just barely getting a job done isn't always worth it. So, I've taken on the "under promise, over deliver" idea. Tell a client it will take seven days when you know you can get it done in five. That way you give yourself a buffer and then you can surprise them with the job early. Aside from price and turnaround time, how can shop owners provide an extraordinary customer experience? Consistency. You should always be pro- viding high-quality customer service and high-quality products. But making sure you are consistent with these fac- tors is key to keeping and continuing to gain new clients. All jobs should be just as good, if not better, than the first time you provided the service. What's the best trait a shop can have, and why? Cleanliness. A clean shop leads to a great product and even better organization. By keeping your shop clean and organized, you can better perform your job. Clean up af- ter every job or at the end of the day and make sure your tools and paper- work are all in order. That way when a client comes in you aren't scram- bling to find something or have to quickly clean up a mess and seem un- professional. It also helps with setup times—time is money! A WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE ADVICE AND EXPERIENCE FROM WOMAN- OWNED SHOPS A L E X A N D R I A B R U C E

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