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Carrying Yourself with Style W e love bags. We have extra-large reusable bags that hold dozens more smaller reusable bags inside like nesting dolls! There's a bag for laptops, for extra changes of gym clothes, and bags that live in the trunk for that quick supermarket stop. Whether it travels under the arm, across the back or along the hip, a good bag isn't hard to find. But finding someone who doesn't have one (or several) that they love would be. IT'S IN THE (PROMO) BAG Bags are an instant hit in promotional markets because they serve an instant purpose and offer mileage long after having been received. They are the gift that keeps giving, and when that carryall with a team or corporate logo ventures back out on a new adventure, fresh eyes will land on that branding. A blank bag is a marketing dream, as a wide swath of cloth has so much potential. For decorators, the most im- portant thing is to use your expertise to assist the customer to what As spring arrives, a pop of blush pink will pull anyone out of the winter blues. (Image courtesy Sportsman Cap & Bag) they specifically need, advises Gary Mosley, Kati Sportcap & Bag. "People always want bags. Offering a wide selection with varying colors, styles, and prices is key." Noting that the nice thing about bags is the absolute variety of market use, he cites the range available from practical duffels for athletic gear to the hands-free ease of cinch sacks at conventions. One style, though, has secured top billing as the bag we collectively reach for as we head out for a day on the town. "Everyone is looking for totes," Mosley confirms. "The once humble bag has become a closet staple, and people can't get enough." And with varying colors, patterns, and price points, "totes have become the next best advertising piece since hats." Tote bags are certainly a no-brainer for a shopping day, and a style that offers a large main compartment and multiple pockets makes it easy to keep all of the goodies collected on a fruitful farmer's market trip stored neatly, agrees Paige Hofer, Sportsman Cap & Bag. "For the corporate client, a waxed canvas commuter offers minimalist de- sign with smart organization––it's built to be the essential day-to- day work bag." THE BAGS FOR THE SEASON J E N N I F E R E L G I N 4 8 P R I N T W E A R M A R C H 2 0 2 0

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