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2 0 2 0 M A R C H P R I N T W E A R 5 1 tion to their practicality, one size fits most––allowing organizations to outfit a large group with a single size option." Bags that balance functionality, fashion, and quality while offering premium details, says Bilyk, are what customers are increasingly looking for. And this season proves no different noting trends of tech bags for corporate clients, while shoulder bags and retail-mirroring bags work well in the resort and retail markets. As an ageless staple to grab in 2020, Mosley argues that it's hard to beat a messenger bag. "What I love is that it can be used for work and play." From the comic (or corporate) convention to the beach to the flea market, there's a bag out there that's waiting to be decorated, to be favored, and most of all, to be used again and again. As a promotion- al product, the dividends keep coming in, because a good bag with a company logo can pass more viewers in a day than dreamed pos- sible. Like Bilyk mentions, the ease of providing a OSFA item keeps inventory and movement of product streamlined, too, which is very helpful if a decorator has limited space to backstock. As a trade show goodie, not only can a bag relieve potential clients from the burden of juggling all of the important information gathered, but it can also act as a terrific conversation starter about you and your company. Cinch it, tote it, or wear it across the body with pride. With the right accessory at one's side, you'll always have everything you need nearby, and that's this season's baggage claim––to style. PW Jennifer Elgin is a freelance writer and broadcaster, covering fashion and sports beats for various media outlets. She attended the School of Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in broadcast journalism. She loves fashion, fishing, the color red, traveling, and sports. She currently resides in Denver. "I expect bags that are functional yet fashionable to dominate 2020," Hofer reports. "I love seeing a classic bag amped up with a pop of color…it adds something that is unexpected and unique." He goes on to note three functional designs that can be sold as a standalone or a package: the fanny pack, crossover bag, and back- pack. "Each style fills growing customer demand for hands-free bag solutions in a variety of sizes from small (fanny and crossover) to large (backpack)." Today's fanny pack is not the granny pack you might recall, either. Sleeker, slung on the hips and so much cooler than images conjured up from an amusement park trip a few de- cades back might render. Mosley refers back to the utility of the tote bag and its ability to adapt to design fads without sacrificing crucial decorating space. "Patterns are always popular. That's why I love totes. They can be as simple or as trendy as you'd like and can be reused over and over." Adding to tote fandom, Bilyk adds, "Bags and headwear are also great additions to team, corporate, or workwear uniforms. In addi- A good cinch sack will se- cure all of the treasures accumulated in a day and be ready to go again to- morrow. (Image courtesy Sportsman Cap & Bag) A commuter bag with mature details elevates the look and transitions from office to af- ter-work seamless- ly. (Image courtesy Sportsman Cap & Bag)

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