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Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/RVProMagazine Follow us on Twitter: instagram.com/RVProMagazine Follow us on Linkedin: linkedin.com/groups/2801212 10 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com PUBLISHER: Chris Cieto (800) 669-0424, ext. 253 ccieto@nbm.com EDITOR: Bradley Worrell (800) 669-0424, ext. 299 brad@nbm.com MANAGING EDITOR: Travis O. Pryor (800) 669-0424, ext. 284 tpryor@nbm.com DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR: David MacNeal (800) 669-0424, ext. 230 dmacneal@nbm.com MEDIA CONSULTANTS: Jordyn Foos (800) 669-0424, ext. 212 jfoos@nbm.com Anthony Bowe (800) 669-0424, ext. 232 abowe@nbm.com SALES SUPPORT: Tyler Wigginton (800) 669-0424, ext. 261 tyler@nbm.com ART DIRECTOR: Kim M. Wright ADVERTISING DESIGN/PRODUCTION: Dayne Pillow MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER: Alison McDonald CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Steve Bibler, Rob Merwin, K. Schipper, Mark Battersby and Michael Rees SENIOR ADVISOR: Mike Wieber Editors' NOTE P.O. Box 1416, Broomfield, CO 80038 (800) 669-0424 • (303) 469-0424 FAX (303) 469-5730 • rv-pro.com NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. PRESIDENT Dave Pomeroy VICE PRESIDENT / FINANCE Kori Gonzales, CPA VICE PRESIDENT / AUDIENCE & EVENTS Lori Farstad DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICES Wolf Butler CEO & OWNER Robert H. Wieber Jr. Alas Poor RVX: We Didn't Know Thee Well Remember this time last year? The whole industry was abuzz about the upcoming RVX: The Experience show. There was a lot of anticipation, but for every person who was fired up, there was at least one person wondering how the RV Industry Association could schedule a show in March and expect any dealers to show up. For everyone wanting to see a new generation of show, there was someone concerned that dealers were being edged out in favor of what was billed as a "consumer-facing" show. In the aftermath of the show, it became obvious there were some consequences to the show not living up to expectations – not the least of which is the fact there doesn't appear to be any appetite for a future of the show. But if we are to be honest and look to the future, there were some really good aspects to RVX that – given a little more thought and coordinated action by all industry parties – could get the industry the kind of exposure that was desired leading up to RVX. First off, the number of spots on daytime television that originated from RVX shouldn't be underestimated. From morning news shows to Ellen Degeneres, the target audience for the next generation of RV buyer was being exposed to our industry in a positive light on its favorite shows. In addition, educational opportunities available at the show contained invaluable information on marketing. Often, our industry overlooks the importance of not only marketing, but correctly marketing our products. It isn't simply a matter of buying an ad or having somebody on TV shouting about low prices anymore. We need to reach younger buyers by showing them the advantages of the lifestyle, and to do that sometimes takes some education. The best new models portion of the show needed more transparency, but the idea of outsiders choosing what models to highlight has some merit when manufacturers are looking to the future. Now, I would suggest that if RVX or something similar ever makes a comeback, that a day be separated out for non-industry types, much like there is an industry day at the non-industry Hershey Show. That would allow for bloggers and "social media influencers" to get the information they need and not be slammed with the data the industry profes- sionals are looking for that may not be of interest to them. And vice-versa. Professional media members sharing a base camp with bloggers with crying infants and dogs in tow does not make for a good atmosphere. With Open House Week and the RV Dealers Association shows going strong, there doesn't seem to be much desire to revisit RVX any time soon. But let's not be too quick to dismiss the things about the show that worked. Some of them could be incorporated into other shows and we would all benefit. Travis O. Pryor MANAGING EDITOR tpryor@nbm.com

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