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42 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com Winterization is a must for those in chillier climes. Leftover water can rupture water lines, crack pipes, damage faucets, and more. The impact can be costly as RV techs get behind dishwashers and refrigerators, etc. But instead of taking the standard winterizing approach – which can take nearly two hours – Floë accomplishes the same in just two minutes. The 636 Induratec system, which attaches to the wall and runs off of 12-volt DC, utilizes technology that inventor Jason Paul says has been around for more than half a century. But for the first time, this type of tech is available off the shelf. Draining the water line with Floë works by first running all the water out of a tank, connecting the tube to the water main in the RV with the provided "T" attachment for the hose. Next, users allow the compressor to build up to 15 PSI. Afterward, it's a matter of opening each faucet individually and letting the water empty out of each line. "The air goes into a spiral – it's like a bullet in a rifle," says Paul, who originally created Floë in 2010 for land properties and showed it to the RV industry at the NTP-STAG Expo. "It's dry air on a dry pipe at this stage, so it creates a hot friction. And the particles in the water – the biofilm – is torn off." That's where Floë gains a longer-term benefit. Aside from prep- ping water systems for winter, the air compressor reduces bacteria colony within the pipes. To prove its effectiveness, Paul sent water samples to a university lab where a "before" and "after" comparison was made. Bacteria form in water systems over time. That, says Paul, is what leads to that yellow discoloration many people see – and, often times, give off a sulfuric, egg-like smell. When the tests came back, Paul says he was dumbstruck. The water originally contained 47,000 colonies of bacteria. After using Floë, that number went down to 20. "At the end of the day, people are always trying to filter water," he says. "They're trying to protect it. They're trying to wrap wires around it, to heat it and so on. When, actually, it's just a gallon of water trapped in the pipes. Just get rid of it. It's done anyway. It's dead water." Leaving the faucets open afterward helps to sterilize the water system. A couple uses in, and RVers can return their unit to show- room quality, according to Paul. What impressed RV PRO: It's no wonder Lippert Components picked up Floë from the European market and brought it to the U.S. Winterization is one thing, but having flushed pipes without residue year-round should make Floë a no-brainer for RVers trying to enjoy clean water at campgrounds. Lippert Components' Floë Floë inventor Jason Paul extols the benefits of eliminating the bacteria-ridden water using his air compressor. The job can be done in two minutes and is a boon to RVers winterizing their unit and keeping the pipes clean. Watch a Video About the Product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCuqYxKuq08

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