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46 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com It's a common conundrum ailing Northern states: Dis- carded propane. In cold weather, propane tanks have a shorter duration. Depending on the temperature, anywhere from a quarter to half the tank goes unused. Oftentimes, it's not an issue for RVers in colder climes. The loss of BTUs generally is accepted and therefore RVers compromise with bigger propane tanks or extra inventory. "With all my years in the LP industry, this is one issue we'd run across quite a bit," says Jason Peck, a partner of Mopeka Products, who showed off the product at the NTP-STAG Expo. "We had a lot of customers that work in the oil fields up in North Dakota that were having issues, contacting their dealers to find out why their furnaces were shutting down." The Tank Blanket from Mopeka Products prevents wasted propane by hugging tanks with a thermal blanket. Instead of the gas lowering in the tank due to the cold, the Tank Blanket builds heat back up, sending vapor through appliances and preventing any flame outs. "It brings the pressure back up," Peck says. "They're able to utilize all the gas in the tank." The benefits are instantly apparent. Say it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside and an RVer has a 30-pound cylinder that's a quarter full. At that temperature, the RVer would only get 17,300 BTUs (i.e., not enough propane to run the furnace). However, by setting the Tank Blanket tem- perature to 70 degrees F, the RVer can get double the amount of BTUs from the cylinder. "People that are now utilizing it are now using their RVs year- round," says Peck. Designed to fit DOT cylinders, the Tank Blanket comes in four different sizes for 20-, 30-, 40, or 100-pound tanks. To regulate temperatures, an adjustable dial attached to the side goes up to 140 degrees. A grounded power cord is wrapped in heavy-duty material with the heater requiring 120 volts to run. The draw is about 500 watts to four amps; and Mopeka plans to release a 12-volt version soon. The second shipment from Mopeka Prod- ucts will include both Fahrenheit and Celsius knobs. After reaching the designated temperature, the power turns off. The warmed coils – molded into the rubber, polymer insulation – magically appear like hidden hieroglyphs on the orange skin. "It's only in orange right now because I'm from Texas," says Peck, adding with a laugh, "I like the (Texas) Longhorns." What impressed RV PRO: Tank Blanket helps RVers save money and LP fuel with a simple solution that should encourage more traveling and camping, even during the off-season. The ingeniously simple product should prove particularly valuable for those RVers in northern states and Canada, or anyone who practices four-season camping. Mopeka Products' Tank Blanket Jason Peck helped create the Tank Blanket to battle the ever-persistent issue of wasted liquid propane. By warming propane tanks with insulated coils, RVers have the ability to double the BTUs in a cylinder.

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