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rv-pro.com March 2020 • RV PRO • 47 Illuminating a campsite comes with its own set of challenges. Lanterns, strings of light and lampshades – deco- rative as they may be – can still equate to an underlit RV site. That's where a 360-degree, diffused LED light can truly light up a scene. Specifically, SeeDevil's self-inflating LED Balloon Light Kit, standing on a heavy-duty tripod, brightens shadows up to 102,000 lumens. Originally, the balloon light was made for firefighters in California bat- tling seasonal wildfires at night. But this year, NTP-STAG extended an invitation for SeeDevil to showcase its 360-degree light kits capable of illuminating any- where from 5,000 square feet to more than 38,000 square feet. Most outdoor scenarios don't call for such extremes. That's why the kit comes with a remote dimmable controller and an internal blower that dually cools the LEDs. "In terms of the engineering, we have a higher lumen per watt LED, so you get more efficiency," says Ron Rezek, who created the balloon light kit. "It's brighter – more bang for your buck. A lower power draw with more output." Rezek's family has been in business since 1957. Back then, his grandfather delivered meat to firefighters at work in the mountains of San Bernardino, Calif. Gradually, the business expanded, supplying businesses and government workers with Helibase communications, light towers, trailers, generators – "what- ever you need to basically make a small city run," says Rezek. Or, in this case, a campsite. The 60-watt and 150-watt version of the LED Balloon Light easily accomplish brightening an area. What makes See- Devil's balloon light stand out from the rest is the quality and availability. Dust- and water-resistant, the diffuser material is the type used on some weather balloons. And the low-gear, hand-cranked stand is made with ABS anti-shock plastics, aluminum and stainless steel to withstand rugged environments. Also, SeeDevil can replace torn balloon material. Unlike normal lights, diffused light greatly reduces glare – a significant selling point for families and RVers capturing experiences. Additionally, the balloon light detaches from the stand and can be hung by, say, an RV awning, thanks to a ring at the bottom. "With a diffuser like that, you get a little bit cleaner shadows on the ground," says Rezek. "It's easier to work around because you have less eye fatigue. You're not getting blinded every time you walk toward it, so there's less chance of tripping and falling over. They work longer and better. It's not going to be irritating or give you headaches." What impressed RV PRO: Plug the LED Balloon Light into a 120-volt gen- erator and it instantly becomes a campsite beacon. It also last 50,000 hours, so the good times won't end any time soon. Tyler Hayhurst (left) and Ronald Rezek were invited by NTP-STAG to exhibit SeeDevil's LED Balloon Light Kit at the 2020 Expo. The distributor saw the benefits of diffused lighting at campsites, which reduces glares in photography. SeeDevil's LED Balloon Light Kit Portable Lighting at its Finest www.SeeDevil.com 877-659-5476 60, 150, 300 and 700 watt options available Great for RV dealers, Municipalities, Field operations, Party/Event Rentals

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