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66 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com Update & Revise It's for that reason the company's emphasis in the last half of the past decade has been a move toward better support for its customers with a focus on service and training. "We're expanding now to train dealers, service centers and remodelers on installing the products, supporting the products and generally enhancing the customer experi- ence," Bishop says. "If someone wants to remodel and get a new floor, or change a floor plan and get radiant heat, we want to teach people how to do that and still have the product work." One of its most-recent steps is joining with Newmar as that company puts on its service schools this year. "We're also writing the curriculum to fit into the new RVTI (RV Technical Insti- tute) mechanism, which is fairly intricate," says Bishop. Because unit owners are going to ser- vice centers and remodelers with adding radiant heat in their sights, the two men are reworking the company's website to provide an information base to those people who are doing the retrofits to make sure they're successful. "The point of the website is not to place orders," Bishop says. "The point of the web- site is to be a resource. We want to make sure people can get information about using the product, not those selling the product." Millard is currently in the process of updating and revising the company's training materials into a series of videos so that when someone comes to a training class, they've already developed some familiarity with the processes involved. "We're maintaining our commitment to fact-to-face training, when appropriate," Millard says. "But we're also adding videos and more print materials. There's a lot of effort right now in terms of improvement both on training and support." Although there's no maintenance involved with either Gold Heat or Black Gold, there is sometimes a need for repair, and that's a special concern to Millard. "We're so focused on our customers being successful that if we notice some- body is placing a lot of orders for repair kits, we'll call them," he says. "It's not just a matter of filling the order. We want to know what's up, what's going on and do they need more training?" One item the company has devel- oped in recent years is better diagnostics for determining just what is wrong. And, given the nature of RVing, it can be any- thing from the floor flexing and crushing part of a mat to someone errantly driving something through a Black Gold strip under a vinyl floor. Bishop says good diagnostics are par- ticularly important for Gold Heat floors, given it can be expensive to remove tiles. The company offers multiple methods for determining where a mat is broken and will rent out something called a "time domain reflectometer" to shops that don't have them. Team Gold Heat has survived a name and logo change, but hasn't changed its goal of providing quality, under-floor heating for motorhomes and building its market share in towables.

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