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74 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com "Right now, our mindset is: Where else can we grow our market efficiently," he says. "The RV market seems to be craving the things we do well." That market also includes the RV aftermarket. Skaggs says GE Appliances is currently looking at how best to serve the more than 3,000-plus dealers in North America, but certainly MWSS will play a role in that, as well. "We've built a dealer access program where they can sign up and have access to our online B2B (business-to-business) portal," Wechter says. "They can order direct and we deliver to the GE distribution network, which has 12 area distribution centers and 170 local delivery locations." While much of GE Appliances' long-term success in the after- market will depend on how successful the company is in getting its products into the OEMs, for individual owners some of that aftermarket success also will depend on GE's ability to service what it sells, and Skaggs says between the company's customer care and factory service organizations it has more than 10,000 national service technicians trained to repair GE products. "Our repair cycle time is about three days, and that's sig- nificantly better than what it is in the RV area today," says Skaggs. "If we can build out that network and make sure we have trained and capable technicians, as well as a reliable parts supply, I think we can make some significant inroads there. It will be a differentiator for us." Wechter says for now he simply wants to make sure that the launch of the new air conditioners is just the first step in seeing GE Appliances create a stable, long-term product supply for the RV market. "What the RV market has in volume compared to the total living units in the U.S. is dramatically different," Wechter says. "It took awhile to attract the interest of a major manufacturer to be interested in our 400,000 annual units. I think GE really took its time and did the right things to make sure the com- pany is delivering a quality product. I'm just looking forward to seeing the idea of a GE suite come together." "The RV industry is a very stable industry and one with tremendous opportunity," adds Skaggs. "We have a history of innovation, we create quality products, and we have a brand that consumers trust. Instead of asking ourselves why we're getting into this market, we're asking ourselves why weren't we in it in the first place? People enjoy using our appliance products every day and there's no reason we can't do that for the RV market, as well." 2 6 9 - 9 6 5 - 2 3 7 1 I f a x : 2 6 9 - 9 6 5 - 2 3 8 9 I w w w. b a r k e r m f g. c o m 1125 WATKINS ROAD I P.O. BOX 460 I BATTLE CREEK, MI 49015 M A N U F A C T U R I N G C O . MADE IN THE USA W E M AK E RV I N G EA S Y ! H I GH E ST Q UA L I TY 2 Y E A R W A R R A N TY M A D E I N T H E U . S . A . THE EASIEST TOTE-ALONGS EVER BARKER 4-WHEELERS WITH HEAVY-DUTY PNEUMATIC WHEELS! Available in 25, 32 and 42 gallon sizes for compatibility with any size RV. Equipped with standard 3" valves to eliminate lifting to "dump" tanks. Constructed of blow-molded polyethylene, zinc plated steel and aluminum. Double wheel, front-swivel design for easy pulling and maneuvering. All 4-Wheelers come complete with two bayonet hose adapters 5' piece of 3" sewer hose, 3" and 3/4" caps, full tank indicator and heavy-duty tow handle.

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