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80 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com million chance or so that you'll set it off. But your kid, though, when you're going down the road could grab the controller and move it out. And so that's why they added the extra two buttons that A, B for a code." Calvin says the invention and creation process has been fun because it has been quick. He says that within a year, he was able to get his working model built and "get it out of my head". Looking for Partners Calvin, who readily admits he is not an engineer, says he is looking for opportuni- ties to get Autodocked into the RV market. He says he has had discussions with at least one RV manufacturer and that he would like to go in that direction rather than the aftermarket, if only so that the product could be made specifically to fit the models of the company he partners with. But until those plans get firmed up, he will continue to work on perfecting Autodocked and working out details, such as how to best make the nozzle so that docking the device with the dump station is as easy as possible. Currently, the nozzle on his display model is 90 degrees, which Calvin says is unlikely to happen in nature. It also is made of hard plastic, which might not be the best fit. "Everything's always going to come at roughly a 45-degree angle," he says. "And then from the 45 you can move like that. And if it's made of a squishy material – this is all hard on top but the top of it is like a upside down plunger for a sink or toilet or whatever – you can run it in there and it squishes in there and that just seals it." Calvin created Autodocked in hopes of entering the RV market with a target audience of those who are squeamish about a hands-on approach to emptying an RV's black and gray tanks. See a Video of Autodocked in Action: See a Video of Autodocked in Action: https://rv-pro.com/news/video-inventor-autodocked- demonstrates-upcoming-device

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