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88 • RV PRO • March 2020 rv-pro.com the RV, we also offer our program, 'Keep You Camping.'" General RV customers benefit from the program if they experience a "camping crit- ical" issue – such as a recall, propane leak, appliance failure or no power – by having their service made a priority. Customers receive a same-day inspection and repair plan that outlines the service timeline. "No appointment is necessar y," McNamara says. "We have three drive- through service bays, equipped with air, water, electric and cable, where we can immediately diagnose the unit." If it is determined to be a camping crit- ical issue, then the RV is delivered imme- diately to one of the "Keep You Camp- ing"-designated service bays. General RV has a lounge that's fully staffed to inform customers with repair updates. Regional Operational Director Chris Carter adds that repairs can often take up to two months at other dealerships, whereas at General RV strives to get units in and out the same day. "RVers typically trade in their units at 48 or 60 months, so if we're doing a great job of taking care of them, then we're going to get more repeat business," he adds. "Just as much, when we see to the needs of a customer who wasn't serviced properly at their own dealership, then where do you think they're shopping next time?" Right Part, Right Time Parts ordering is expedited for the "Keep You Camping" program, either from critical parts in stock or sourced and overnighted from another General RV location. Each location's parts inven- tory is carefully monitored to ensure it is fully stocked and backed up. "It gives us – not only a regional advantage – but a national advantage," McNamara says. "We run a truck, every day, to Indiana manufacturers to obtain parts for our distribution center." General RV's parts department and retail showroom is well-stocked with every- thing from appliances and furniture to the "nuts and bolts." An additional showroom features working displays of products, such as electric jacks that customers can run up and down, mattresses, various step options, slide-out trays and solar panels. "While a customer is waiting for a 'Keep You Camping' repair they have to opportunity to shop and add to their RV while it's being serviced," he adds. Planning for What Comes Next General RV is always looking for the next opportunity to grow, according to Loren Baidas. "It has to make sense and make our- selves a better company," he says. "We could go out and buy four or five dealer- ships, but that wouldn't necessarily make us a better company." Acquisitions and expansion decisions are made strategically – the right location, right partners and right markets. "But we also have to ask, 'Are we ready for another store? Is the team ready to take on another challenge?'" Loren Baidas says. "We're not going to sacrifice what all of our employees have built in order to add just another location. If we can't give our standard of customer service, then we're not ready – General RV isn't going to step backward to be bigger. "We want premier facilities for our cus- tomers and employees to experience – and it's up to us to create that culture," he adds. "There is no secret sauce to success. It's just striving every day to be better and make improvements." General RV's Supercenter in Ashland features 40 service bays staffed by 29 technicians and 10 trainees. Notably, the dealership has three drive-through service bays

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