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March '20

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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 1 7 This will essentially carry out the full potential of the recycled product once the customer no longer has use for their purchase. Offering customers incen- tives for going green, such as occasional discounts, can also help improve green initiatives," she concludes. Cool Green Printing Solutions Green printing can provide shops with many cost cutting options such as saving on the all-important energy bill. Guildford, U. K . -based Digital Sign Services purchased two E F I VUTEk 5r+ LED superwide roll-to-roll printers in 2019. The company says that the purchases not only provide them with the important production firepower for high-volume, high-end graphics but also saves on energy costs and increas- ing sustainability mostly because of the 5.2-meter-wide printers' green "cool cure" LED technology. The company's sweet spot is in wide-format printing for retail signage, windows and point of sale materials. "We like the fact that the 5r+ uses LED lamps for curing rather than mercury vapor lamps," says Tom Weaver, man- aging director at Digital Sign Services. EFI's eco-friendly "cool cure" LED technology on the printers is said to require up to 82% less energy compared to traditional UV or latex printing, which provides a major cost savings. Plus, it allows the shop to be much more sustain- able in running its production processes. "With the 5r+ we have the reliability of the LEDs in a less power-hungry machine that also doesn't have mercury lamps damaging the environment," says Weaver. Mimaki's Sustainable Solutions Maxwell notes that all throughout Mimaki's supply chain, the company builds products that use as few com- ponents as possible and can be built modularly. "By doing this, the company can manage inventory, reduce waste and deliver based on demand. It also develops products with as many reus- able parts as possible, such as Mimaki's eco-cartridges that offer the functionality customers require with the environment in mind. Eco-cartridges are reusable, can be replenished by the user with a replace- able 600 ml ink bag, and provide larger run capacity and 15% savings in ink costs when compared with the 440 ml cartridges. Combined with the utilization of recyclable materials such as ink con- tainers, and the low energy consumption of each of its products, Mimaki has put a lot of emphasis on the environment." He explains that each one of their products has an approach to being more ecologically friendly, with Nozzle Check Unit and Eco-cartridges as excellent examples. Green printing can provide shops with many cost cutting options. ARCHITECTURAL ARCHITECTURAL FOAM SIGNS, FOAM SIGNS, TRIM, & ACCENTS TRIM, & ACCENTS or Toll Free 866-412-FOAM 31 Standard Models or send us your own design! Same Day Quotes! WHOLESALE TO THE SIGN INDUSTRY Send quote requests to

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