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March '20

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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 2 3 hard enough to pierce the pattern and put puncture marks into the wood itself. These tiny holes marked through the pattern were improved by hammering a nail into each hole about ¼" deep so they would be clearly seen once the pattern was removed. Then, using the "FlexArm" with a drill chuck in it, all the holes were drilled perfectly perpendicular without having to work too hard at it. After all holes were drilled through, the sign was flipped on its face and the channel iron parts were located, using a router to make recessed grooves for this metal to fit into so they would be almost flush with the back of the sign. Those three structural parts secured the boards together and the clamps were then removed. At this point the border and text were bolted in place after counter sinking each hole on the back of the sign for the nuts and washers to recess into. The metal parts were uncoated, and really placed there as a sandblast mask, as blasting was the next step. We were a bit careful not to overdo it, because the actual grain was so different from board to board, but the blasting step did accen- tuate the grain and highlight that this really was a was a wooden sign. Four more steps remained: taking off the metal parts and powder coating them white, painting the background with a high-quality acrylic latex paint, install- ing the metal parts, and then heading to Tyler to install the sign. Paint was used instead of any type of stain because the client had said they did not want to have to maintain the sign and a sign with just stain and sealer would have to be redone every a few years. Even though this wasn't a real sandblasted sign, with metal parts in place the wood was blasted down a bit to make the woodgrain more evident. ©2020 CIT Group Inc. All rights reserved. CIT and the CIT logo are registered trademarks of CIT Group Inc. Not all applicants will qualify for financing. All finance programs and rates are subject to final approval by CIT, and are subject to change at anytime without notice. Speed and performance are subject to applicant's local connectivity and other factors outside CIT's control. Financing as essential as ink Need financing options? Whether you are buying or selling – we oƒer fast financing for a fast world. 877-786-5327 |

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