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March '20

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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 3 1 complex styles and creative appearances in letter projects. "Most neon halo-lit channel letters require a minimum of five-inch returns (sides) and an approximate minimum of a two inch to three-inch stroke width on the font style, in order to house the neon inside the letters," Camp explains. " LEDs have allowed the introduction to much smaller halo-lit letters and many more lettering styles due to the reduction in stroke and return size required to house the LEDs. This has opened up halo-lit letters to be utilized in more situations, like interior applications such as recep- tion area/lobby signs, storefront identi- fication, displays, etc." In reference to "stroke width," the popularization of LEDs in channel letters has allowed for much more manageable strokes while still being thin. "Too thin of a stroke (less that 1-1/4 inch) will make any letter difficult to build and look well," explains Husk. "We normally recommend to increase the stroke width above 1-1/4 inch to assure good lighting, as well good spacing for installation and pass through electrical holes." In addition, "Improvements in LED lens technology disperses the light more widely and evenly over a short distance," says Cross. PROBLEM: Channel letter installation requires too much precision and the cost is too high to implement new processes. SOLUTION: Precision and accurate instal- lation is accomplished through new equip- ment and technology, which will bring return on investment. More often than necessary, sign mak- ers will decline a job because it's per- ceived as "too hard' or they think they'll lose money on it. Or worse, they are afraid they'll fail due to imprecisions in their work. With all that's available today, this sentiment should be null. "Building high quality halo-lit letters requires a great deal of precision, oth- erwise, the amount of additional hand- Live in the land of rain or snow? FloorGRIP ™ overlaminate is the solution for slip resistance — wet or dry. Solutions that Stick ™ Call to request a sample or more information. 866-622-8223

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