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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 4 3 detailing and wrap industry. Jeff Sharell is the owner and creator of Auto Sauce, a line of products designed to protect and enhance vehicles. While they carry prod- ucts to protect painted surfaces, they also have products that are formulated to pro- tect wraps, increase the wraps' longevity, and reduce maintenance time. Here's a brief list of some of their products and their intended use. Be sure to check out their website at for more information. C e ra m i c Wra p S a u c e K i t — Engineered specifically for all vinyl wrap finishes, including matte, satin, gloss and even Paint Protection Films Matte Mango Bubble Wash— Surface friendly citrus wash that breaks down dirt and grime allowing debris to be gently washed away without scratching. Matte Mango Spray Sauce— Silicone and wax-free spray that main- tains and protects matte and satin wrap.s Sweet Wrap Bubble Sauce— Designed to gently clean gloss wrapped vehicles without damaging the protective laminate. Sweet Wrap Spray Sauce—Detail spray designed to clean and maintain gloss wraps. Sweet Wrap Wax—An easy to apply cream with the shine of a paste, that adds a deep gloss and shine to gloss wrapped vehicles. Waxes And Polishes Beyond the cleaners and waxes men- tioned above, there are a few key spe- cifics that you should mention to your customers. Avoid Carnauba-based waxes—the rigorous buffing that brings out a high shine can also damage graphics. These heat-sensitive waxes can also melt in the sun and create a greasy mess that attracts dirt and can cause black streaks. Heat also releases the stain in the wax which can stain the graphics. Teflon-based polishes are fine— choose a polish that is specifically designed for use on vehicle wraps. Do not use any wax or polish on matte or textured finishes unless it is specifi- cally designed for those surfaces. SDG SOLANO AT: lighter, quieter and more durable than any other hot-air tool. We know how. SOLANO AT Light, quiet, durable

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