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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 4 7 tion sizes, decreased sales lead-time and incentive-based financing programs. "Ascentium believes that focusing on the customer's cash flow—increased rev- enues and/or decreased costs—is integral to financing options," Colling says. His company offers several financing structures like $0 down, three to six- month deferred payments and lease and rental solutions. "Ascentium Capital takes a consulta- tive approach to guide sign shop owners on how to create and execute financing from the start of the application pro- cess. In addition, Ascentium Capital can typically approve and fund a trans- action up to $250,000 in less than 24 hours whereas traditional banks may take weeks," he says. Some clients may want to pay cash or use a credit card to pay for their signage. Bank financing or third-party financing are also options. "Cash and credit card purchases may seem advantageous, but it is important to compare cash outlay today versus future cash flow to avoid having future financial distress. Using a credit card is a simple payment method but depending on the card terms, it may affect a borrower's consumer credit rating along with paying high interest rates," Colling says. Businesses that seek collateral-based financing for their sign don't have to worry about that debt being reported to credit bureaus. It also allows businesses to keep their bank credit lines open for other items they might need in the future to run and grow their business, he adds. SDG We make the tools for making the future. ShopBot. Your path to profitability. Oak Branch Manufacturing & Assembly Gainesville, GA Client: Starbucks ® Downtown Disney Tools: ShopBot PRTalpha 96 x 48 and ShopBot Desktop ShopBot manufactures CNC tools that inspire people to turn their ideas into something tangible. When we see signmakers put our tools to work in innovative ways, it reaffirms our commitment to the mission of making digital fabrication technology readily accessible and usable for everyone.

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