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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 5 5 side of the table can be used for feed- ing any laminator and the reverse side is used for trimming digital prints and sheet goods or weeding vinyl. The table folds 90 degrees and rolls away for easy storage when it isn't in use. "It is perfect for small printers, sign shops, framers, photographers and designers," Noble says. Noble says he doesn't understand why anyone would purchase a flatbed applicator. "They are so manual, which is great if you are doing one board or one sheet," he says. "When you start doing multiple applicator jobs it doesn't make sense. It is so labor intensive and then you have this big honking table in the middle of stuff. Some are 9' long right in the middle of your shop." Having a portable worktable allows a shop to get it out of the way when it isn't needed at a "fraction of the cost of flatbed applicators," he says. The Gfp FT 60 Finishing Table has roller balls half embedded in the surface, which makes moving product across it a lot easier, he says. Side guides help a shop be more accurate in lining up its prints with the lamination film. The reverse side of the table has a self-healing cut- ting mat that is backlit. "Another nice thing about it is it ships flat," Noble says. Most flatbed applicators are big, hard to get through doors and weigh a ton. He adds that in a production environ- ment, The Gfp FT 60 is an "economical alternative to expensive flatbed applica- tors. One finishing table at the front and one at the rear of any roll laminator pro- vides continuous workflow at a fraction of the cost of today's expensive flatbed applicators. You get the convenience and ease of continuously feeding boards or sheets up to 5' x 10', plus the advantages of high-speed lamination from the roll laminator… and a cutting surface for trimming." Joe Cutrone, North American sales manager for Rollsroller, says that his company was the first to design a fin- ishing table in the 1990s. According to Cutrone, nobody else was in this business until about six years ago. Now there are a plethora of competitors from Sweden, Holland and Germany, but the basic application remains the same. The Rollsroller puts down pressure between the vinyl and the substrate. "That's the gist and heart of any system," Cutrone says. The Rollsroller has a heated roller that works well with cold lamination. It can prevent the silvering that occurs with cold lamination. Just a little bit of heat can get rid of those little silver specks See the Trident in Action at Booth #1911 • 1-800-361-3408 ISA Sign Expo 2020 | April 2 - 4 2020 | Orlando, FL Orange County Convention Center, South Building TRIDENT CNC ROUTER-KNIFE HYBRID Today's fabricators face an increasingly competitive landscape. By offering three cutting tools on a single gantry, the AXYZ Trident allows fabricators to take on a diverse range of projects across a variety of industries, making it one of the most versatile and capable CNC routers on the market. Contact Us Today! PRINT-TO-CUT PLASTIC 3 Cutting Tools, 1 Gantry FOAM

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