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S D G M A G . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 2 0 • 6 7 Dangerous Curves In the case of the Lone Horse image, I think the cliffs are a little too blue. Click the Curves icon in the Adjustment panel to display the Curves Properties panel. (Figure 5) Although a similar effect can be achieved using Levels, we're using Curves because it offers a bit more control over the color range. This time you'll access a color channel to reduce levels of blue to achieve just the right amount of earth tone. Click the menu labeled RGB and scroll down to the blue channel. You'll see a graph with a blue line. Drag the middle part of the line downward until the blue in the cliffs diminishes. It may not take a lot to achieve this effect, just a tweak. The further downward the line is drawn, the yellower the image becomes, so be careful not to overdo it. Let's add a little blue to the highlights so that the image isn't quite so yellow. Drag the top right part of the line upward above the median line until the color balances. Try to find the perfect balance of overall color. What will result is a blue "S curve" and an image free of the blue color cast. (Figure 6) 6 The blue "S curve" and an image free of the blue color- cast. EVERYTHING YOU NEED, all in one p lace! No matter what you do or how you do it, you can get it from Johnson Plastics Plus. Let us be your trusted supplier for quality blanks, equipment and more. ENGRAVING SUBLIMATION HEAT TRANSFER JPPLUS.COM | 1-800-869-7800 | ORDERS SHIP SAME DAY WHEN PLACED BY 4 PM LOCAL TIME UV-LED PRINTING

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