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APRIL 2020 THE SHOP 15 Importantly, SOF soldiers at all levels have an unquenchable zeal for learning, improving and teaching other team mem- bers. Through heavy participation in cre- ating, improving and approving their final mission plans, they have a high level of engagement in mission success. Adopting these SOF planning and leader- ship skill sets for your organization may help drive employee performance, innovation, teamwork and engagement to higher levels. Use the Backward Planning Process for Smooth Plan Implementation The backward planning process is a core military planning sequence that starts at the completed project and works back to the present. The backward planning process aligns resources, different organizations and activ- ities, and synchronizes everything to ensure the entire organization works together. If my project is to supply materials to help build a bridge, my project plan starts when the bridge is open and works back from the bridge opening to the present. The week before the bridge opens, I should be part of the final bridge inspection and clean-up of the construction site. This backward planning logic goes to the first week of the project, where I inspect the construction site and complete the list of needed supplies. The simplicity of this process is that when you start with the finished project and work backwards, you incorporate all the critical steps necessary to achieve planned success. The Wargame Process Adds the Challenge of Competition to Perfectly Good Plans Wargaming is the next step in creating a great plan. Wargaming is the process that tests and adapts battle plans against the expected (and unexpected) actions and reactions of the enemy. As a battle plan is developed, military planners have a separate team roleplay the enemy to ensure the plan is challenged against the full range of what the enemy will and can do. Once the wargame is complete, the initial plan is updated and rewritten to ensure all the predicted enemy actions are mitigated. The wargame process is when you draft a plan against expected challenges and poten- tial problems to ensure that your plan will be successful. From a store opening to a new product launch to the hiring process, the wargame process works everywhere. Never Expect A Perfect Plan—Create Back-Up Plans Another special ops planning process is the PACE plan. PACE stands for Primary, Alter- nate, Contingency and Emergency, and is SOF soldiers pride themselves on their high levels of planning, performance and their simultaneous dedication to mission accomplishment and team member success. Light Weight Columns and Accessories for your Racing and Performance Needs American Made Steering Columns and Accessories for Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars & Trucks Old School Vintage meets Modern Technology Customizable Cable Ignition Wiring For More Information Contact us at: (517) 424-0577

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