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APRIL 2020 THE SHOP 17 THE SEARCH FOR B igger isn't always better. That's impor- tant to remember when helping your customer make their next performance clutch purchase. Factors such as horsepower rating, planned vehicle use, drivability expecta- tions and more should all be considered when selecting the best clutch for each application, suppliers suggest. It takes knowledge, experience and sometimes the art of persuasion to get customers to where they need to be. Those suppliers also share thoughts on current hot performance clutch products, combat some common misconceptions and provide tips for successful sales. CENTERFORCE CLUTCHES Prescott, Arizona Will "Mr. Clutch" Baty Media Relations/R&D Our hottest Performance Clutch product is … … we actually have two new, hot clutch lines for both street and off-road—our High Inertia Jeep and Toyota Tacoma fly- wheel and clutch kits/assemblies, and our new SST Street twin disc clutch. Their best features include … … the Centerforce High Inertia flywheel and clutch assembly makes the vehicle feel lighter overall, allowing the driver to have better control of the clutch. The weight of the vehicle doesn't pull the engine down as easily. This makes taking off from a dead stop and overall drivability on and off road a lot easier. Our patented Centrifugal Weight and Ball Bearing design has increased the holding capacity to withstand up to 530 pound-feet of torque without sacrificing drivability. The SST Street twin is our new, entry- level street twin disc clutch with up to 925 pound-feet of torque-holding capacity. The HOLDING POWER Proper clutch choice depends on driver habits & expectations. Picking a clutch and flywheel for a vehicle and its intended use is critical—bigger isn't always better. (Photo courtesy Centerforce Clutches) The performance clutch market is about delivering the desired amount of holding capacity and drivability. (Photo courtesy Centerforce Clutches)

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