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34 THE SHOP APRIL 2020 BUILDING THE Nighthawk II LS PRECISION ENGINE DYNO RUN We dyno-ed the engine at Ross Racing Engines in Niles, Ohio on owner Tony Lombardi's SuperFlow dyno. Our time on the dyno was rather limited (busy shop), so we started off using one of Lombardi's known good dyno carbs, a 750 Holley. Once the MSD ignition control system was wired in, the engine started immediately with no extended cranking. Lombardi ran the engine for a short period in order to allow the rings to seat and for the engine to reach operating temperature. Fol- lowing a pre-flight check, he made a few pulls using the pre-programmed timing curves available on the MSD ignition controller. The highest advance (on program Custom 4) gave us just shy of 30 degrees. We wanted more, but as luck would have it, our laptop had issues, so we were unable to create our desired curve (Murphy's Law). Initial pulls with the 750 carb only allowed us to grab 565 hp at 5,900 rpm. It was obvious the engine wanted more OUR PROJECT PARTS BLOCK Dart SHP MLS Next, iron, 31867211 HEADS AFR Mongoose LS3, 1840 CRANK SCAT 4-LS1-4000-6125-58 RODS SCAT 2-350-6125-2100S PISTONS ICON IC902.005 MAIN BEARINGS MAHLE MS-2321H or MS2321HX ROD BEARINGS MAHLE CB-663-HNK upper / CB-663-HNKX lower CAM BEARINGS Dart 32210101-5 CRANK BALANCER Fluidampr 740111 OIL PUMP Melling 10296 TIMING SET Cloyes 9-3172AZ TIMING CHAIN DAMPER Cloyes 9-5491 CAMSHAFT COMP 54-462-11 (hyd roller) LIFTERS COMP 8957-16 (link bar) ROCKERS Harland Sharp SL927 alum. rollers 1.7:1 (LS3) PUSHRODS Elgin PR7060S FRONT ENGINE COVER COMP 5496 REAR ENGINE COVER Pioneer 500323RSH (Summit SUM- G2621) VALVE COVERS Holley 241-112 VALLEY COVER Holley 241-362 VALLEY COVER BREATHER TUBE CFM 1-0204 BREATHER ELEMENT K&N 62-1450 OIL PAN Holley 302-131BK INTAKE MANIFOLD Holley 300-131BK EFI SYSTEM Holley Sniper 550-516K CARB SPACER Allstar 25981 IGNITION CONTROL MSD 6014 IGNITION COILS MSD 82878 COIL HARNESS CBM coil jumper-LS2-S HEAD GASKETS Fel-Pro MLS 26473R; 26472L GASKET SET Fel-Pro HS26190PT VALLEY COVER GASKET Mr. Gasket 61021G (LSX style) WATER PUMP Meziere WP333 CRANK POS. SENSOR GM 12585546 (for 58-tooth) CAM POS. SENSOR BWD CSS1620 WATER TEMP SENSOR BWD WT5132 AIR CLEANER Custom aluminum AIR CLEANER LATCH S&W Race Cars Quik-Latch 95-358 AIR FILTER K&N E-350S (Summit Racing) TIMING POINTER TCI-E-871005 (Summit Racing) HEAD DECK DOWELS ICB-551275 (Summit Racing) -4 STEAM FITTINGS TFS-30600611 (Summit Racing) OIL PRESSURE SENDER MOUNTING BASE ICB-551623 (Summit Racing) -4 COOLING SYSTEM STEAM PLUMBING HOSE Earl's 350004ERL -4 90-DEG HOSE ENDS Earl's AT-309104ERL -4 STRAIGHT HOSE ENDS Earl's AT-300104ERL -4 FEMALE SWIVEL ON RUN Earl's AT-926104ERL -4 T SWIVEL ON BRANCH Earl's AT-92504ERL FRONT -10 AN BLOCK OIL OUT PLUG Earl's 24410103 REAR -10 BLOCK OIL IN PLUG Fragola 481310-BL OIL PRESSURE SENDER ADAPTER Earl's LS0021ERL WATER PUMP FITTING FOR STEAM LINE XRP 980048 -4 90-DEG ADAPTER AT PUMP Fragola 498102BL CRANK BOLT ARP 234-2503 HEAD STUDS ARP 234-4341 (specific to the LS Next block) FRONT COVER BOLTS ARP 434-1504* (spec 434-1502 too long for COMP front cover) REAR COVER BOLTS ARP 434-1504 OIL PAN BOLT KIT ARP 434-6902 CAM GEAR BOLTS ARP 134-1003 OIL PUMP BOLTS ARP 661-1002 VALLEY PLATE BOLTS ARP 771-1001 COIL BOLTS ARP 770-1002 VALVE COVER BOLTS ARP 770-1013 EXH. HEADER STUDS ARP 441-1302 INT. MANIFOLD BOLTS ARP 770-1007 & 770-1014 EFI MOUNTING STUDS ARP 400-2402 FLYWHEEL BOLTS ARP 330-2802 CAM SENSOR HARNESS BRACKET TO BLOCK (2) 3/8-16x3/4" CRANK SNOUT KEYS GM 12561513 & PIONEER PK9 BLOCK FREEZE PLUGS (1.5") Dart 32820000B (qty 8) ENGINE PRIMER SEM etching primer ENGINE PAINT Duplicolor 1634 DIPSTICK ASSEMBLY Lokar XED-5008 EFI CARB SPACER Allstar ALL25981 SPARK PLUGS Autolite 3924 BREAK-IN OIL FOR DYNO COMP 1590 (10W30) ENGINE PRE-OIL TANK. Goodson EPL-120

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