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APRIL 2020 THE SHOP 47 don't you think? As these vehicles age, we're bound to see more on the trails. SMITH: There's still a lot of poten- tial for the JK—that's mainly what we're working on here at the shop; not the JL and Gladiator. In my experience, dealerships are difficult to deal with when it comes to honoring warranties with Jeeps that sport aftermarket upgrades—even if those after- market upgrades have nothing to do with something that went wrong. So, what we find is that, where we're from and with the customer base we serve, once those Jeeps are out of warranty, they'll never see a dealership again, just given how expensive they were to purchase in the first place and the aftermarket products on them. CHAMP: I definitely see the ongoing GO RHINO +++++++++++++++ How have the new Jeeps affected the aftermarket? "The back-to-back annual releases and large marketing campaigns of Jeep to promote these two new models have kept the brand in front of consumers on a daily basis. This go-anywhere, do-anything lifestyle marketing spreads across all demo- graphics and ensures that after- market manufacturers and resellers have a stable supply of consumers ready to accessorize." Your hot Jeep product is … " We introduced nine styles of steps and sliders immediately after the vehi- cles were released. The most popular are our Dominator D1 full-length steel steps that drop down 4 inches from the rocker panel for use on Jeeps with lifts or oversized tires. Because they are full length steps, a person doesn't have to aim their footfall, making them perfect for reaching rooftop tents." – Dave Williams, director of sales & marketing FOR JEEP JL & GLADIATOR FULL GRILLE GUARD BUMPER • Fits JL and Gladiator • Full Front End Protection • Minimal Install Time • Zero Modification Needed • Recessed Winch Mount • 1" Thick Welded Tow Hooks • Bar With Optional Light Holes • Bar With Optional Light Holes IRONCROSSAUTOMOTIVE.COM

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