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50 THE SHOP APRIL 2020 A n argument can be made for why the interior of a vehicle is more important to car buyers than the exterior. If you randomly asked one of your family members or friends to list the top three things they like about their vehicle, more than likely two of those top three will be about features and/or comfort items. Many people may love the way the exte- rior of their car looks, and it was probably a big reason for their initial purchase— but most people won't choose looks over comfort and convenience. Therefore, it's important for businesses in this category to make sure people feel comfortable in their vehicles while also giving them the conveniences they have come to expect. If you'd like to add interior products to your list of services, here are three comfort items and three convenience items that we've had success with over the years. COMFORT Reports say that the average American spends 10-15 hours a week in their cars, so it's no wonder comfort is at the top of the list when considering factors for choosing a vehicle. What can your business do to tap into this market? Here are the top three comfort items we've found effective in retail and wholesale markets. Heated Seats If you are anywhere above the Mason-Dixon line, then heated seats have to be part of your offerings to customers. Not only are heated seats a very well-known commodity, but many vehicles still don't come standard with this popular feature. By Josh Poulson For many drivers, it's what's on the inside that counts. & Comfort Convenience Vehicle owners spend their time inside their vehicles, so while exterior styling is nice, interior comfort and convenience items can make or break the daily driving experience.

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