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12 The Sublimation Report • Spring 2020 • to 40%. At this time, confirm the Swatch palette is open. If not, go to Windows>Swatches. Back to making the pattern, select all three boxes and from the top menu bar scroll to Object>Pattern>Make. Two windows will pop open, asking if it is okay to add this as a Swatch to the Swatch menu. Click Ok, and another pops up with Swatch Pattern details. Name your pattern; in the example shown here, I called this BW (black and white) Buffalo Check Pattern. Set the Tile Type to Grid (if it is not already). The sizes should be the exact same in the box for dimensions, so if it's off by even a little, now is the time to type in any adjustments so they are the exact same. You'll want to check the following boxes: • Uniform 50% • Transform patterns • Preview • Move tile with art • Show tile edge • Dim copies (I use 60% but use whatever you'd like to preview the pattern) • Copies 5 X 5 Step Four: Once you've gone through this window, you can simply close it by clicking on the X in the top right of it. Now go out of that workspace area: see the gray text on the top of the bar? Go to the far left to exit out of the editing mode or just keep clicking on your background page. You should see the pattern loaded in the Swatches menu. Select the Square/Rectangle Shape tool, double click on the page, and punch in 12" for the width and height. Then with the box selected, change the color to the swatch pat- tern by simply clicking on the pattern in the Swatch menu. A SPRINGTIME FEEL Now that you have the steps on how to make this popular pattern, what are some products and ways to give it a springtime feel? First stick to more of the black-and-white combo, or go for a color that's not red. Try green and black for St. Patrick's day, for example. We created a box with a basic color-fill, then we will change the fill from a yellow hue to the new swatch pattern we created. If the squares/pattern seem too large or too small for a project, use the Transform>Scale tool to adjust the pattern inside the shape. For a spring twist on buffalo plaid, place the pattern within a seasonal shape, like our rabbit silhouette shown here.

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