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Page 4 of 31 • Spring 2020 • The Sublimation Report 5 NEW MUSCLE FOR THE ROAD Sawgrass is perhaps the best-known name in the industry since it was one of the earliest pioneers to create a desktop ink solution for sublimation decorating. At first, Sawgrass' ink production was focused on Epson printers with piezo print heads. About 16 years ago, how- ever, the company began building a part- nership with Ricoh (the copier/printer company) since it, too, had developed a piezo print head. Their first desktop inkjet printers were known as G E LJ ET printers because the included standard ink was thicker (making them more efficient) than inks used in other printers. These GELJET printers, along with sublimation gel inks developed by Sawgrass, quickly became the standard for turnkey desktop sublima- tion printers. Sawgrass' partnership with Ricoh ultimately lead to designing sublimation printers from the ground up, and this partnership (in my opinion) has allowed desktop sublimation to go viral. Now the revolution gets an exciting makeover. THE SAWGRASS SG500 AND SG1000 PRINTERS Sawgrass has continued its strategy of offering two printer sizes: one with up to 8 1/2-inch media width and the other with up to 11.7-inch media width (13 inches with its optional multi-bypass tray). Except for print size, both printers are built from a chassis that includes a next generation Ricoh print head and an upgraded print engine for increased performance and improved image quality. Both are CMYK printers and use a new state-of-the-art sublimation ink. The built- in tray for both printers is flexible and accommodates smaller, specially cut sizes of paper including those for 10- and 15-ounce mugs. Virtuoso SG500 The SG500's smaller size and low cost make it an ideal choice for folks that are new to sublimation, only want to pro- duce small-sized substrates, or want por- tability for producing products at remote events. The SG500's built-in paper tray supports a maximum paper size of 8 1/2 by 14 inches, making it uniquely qualified to be a drinkware transfer workhorse. Add an optional bypass tray to gain an additional paper source and the ability to print on extended length paper sizes. There is an 8 1/2-by-21-inch paper size that is great for printing transfers for socks and other long substrates. Virtuoso SG1000 Since its print size accommodates the vast majority of substrates, the SG1000 is the ideal sublimation printer for most shops. The larger of the two printers, the SG1000 can print up to 11 3/4-by- 17-inch paper from the bottom built-in tray and up to 13 by 21 inches from its optional multi-bypass tray (the existing bypass tray for the SG800 is compatible with the SG1000). The 13-by-21-inch paper size is versatile since it maximizes the transfer area of heat presses like Geo Knight's 16-by-20-inch DK20S, and therefore increases the number of products that can be produced. FUEL: INKS AND INK SYSTEM The SG500 and SG1000 support four-color printing with individual CMYK ink cartridges. While the SG500 only supports standard ink cartridges, the To support the new printers, Sawgrass is offering its next generation Ultra HD SubliJet ink.

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