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8 The Sublimation Report • Spring 2020 • GROW WITH MORE PAPER TRAYS Both printers can be expanded with optional paper trays to provide con- venience and cost savings. Two extra bottom trays and a bypass tray can be added to each printer for minimal cost. This expandability is right out of the Ricoh copier play book with a maxed-out printer having a total of four paper sources. As an unexpected bonus, all existing extra trays for the older SG400 and S G8 00 are compatible with their replacements. Access to multiple paper sizes allows the user to select a size that reduces waste and production time. No need to cut paper for drinkware or swap back and forth between paper sizes. WARRANTY AND SUPPORT Both printers include a two-year war- ranty and lifetime support. In the event of an issue with the printer that can't be solved through troubleshooting, Sawgrass will ship a replacement to you. Keep in mind that Sawgrass sells these printers through their authorized distributor net- work, and your distributor should assist you with setup and installation and be your first point of contact with support. Choose a distributor that specializes in sublimation and provides an A-Z approach for subli- mation, not one that is just a box mover. Sublimation issues can occur in three places: computer, printer, and heat press (oven), so great support is critical to troubleshooting issues, especially for beginners. To help our clients be suc- cessful, I have placed a large collection of sublimation videos on to help with what I call best practices for sublimation success. COTTON DECORATING One of the hottest topics in subli- mation is decorating dark cotton shirts. Although today's traditional sublima- tion technology will not decorate cotton directly, Sawgrass provides support for heat-applied sublimation vinyl. There are currently at least two products on the market that I like: Forever Subliflex 202 and Siser EasySubli heat-applied vinyl. Both are similar in that you print directly onto them, use a contour cutter to weed away the printed parts, and then press them onto any color cotton shirt. HEAT PRESSES To be successful with sublimation, you must make the computer, printer, and heat press/oven work together correctly. Often, the weak link is the heat press. Many folks buy a cheap Chinese-made press. Don't do it! These presses all too often provide uneven heat, poor temperature regulation, and a short life. I strongly recommend investing in a made-in-the-USA swing- away press, such as one built by Geo Knight. It has over 130 years' experience, and many of the presses it makes come with a lifetime warranty on the heat platen. CREATIVESTUDIO DESIGN SOFTWARE These printers, like the last generation, are good to go with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel- DRAW, and Silhouette Studio. In fact, I don't know of any program that you can't use. Don't own or know how to use these programs? Sawgrass' CreativeStudio is the answer. Several years ago, Sawgrass noticed that folks wanted to get into sublimation but lacked experience with Go Expression is essentially an internet platform for connecting Sawgrass users together to create a global fulfillment network.

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