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12 • A&E APRIL 2020 METAL MARKING WITH A CO 2 LASER Treated metals like anodized aluminum and painted brass work wonderfully with a CO 2 laser. However, bare metals are too reflective to absorb the laser and therefore must be pre-treated prior to engraving. The pre-treatment process is simple, and while engraving pre-treated metals won't actually remove any of the material, you will be left with a permanent raised mark on your bare metal products. Two popular laser marking agents include Enduramark and CerMark. There are other brands as well, and many are available in dif- ferent formats such as spray, tape, or paste, though spray is probably the most popular. All of the bonding agents work similarly, but check the manufacturer's directions for applying and removing the solution. The first step is applying the metal- marking agent of your choice. Simply spray the area to be marked. Allow the solution to dry and engrave as you normally would. When the engraving is finished, you can wipe away any excess marking agent with a damp cloth. The end result is a permanent and durable mark that stands out. Figures 5, 6, and 7 show the metal-marking process we used on a stainless-steel growler. Fig 5 Fig 6

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