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April '20

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A&E APRIL 2020 • 13 It's important to note that it takes a significant amount of power to adhere the bonding agent to the metal. It is an effective method of marking metals with a CO 2 laser, but depending on the size and intricacy of the design, it's not always the fastest process. We recommend low speed and high power settings to ensure the heat from the laser fully bonds the marking agent to the metal you're working with. Make sure to check your laser owner's manual for settings advice, or you can contact the marking agent manufacturer as well. The most talented laser engraving profes- sionals didn't become that way over night. As with any trade, creating beautiful and profit- able work on the laser takes time, patience, and practice. Hopefully the tips we've cov- ered here provide a solid path that help you take your laser skills to the next level. Fig 7 A&E Trotec Laser USA Trotec Laser, Inc. Invest In Something Better Your Success Starts Here

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