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16 • A&E APRIL 2020 EXHAUSTING YOUR LASER A laser burns away material or evapo- rates it into a gas that must be safely car- ried away. Your laser will need an exhaust. You can purchase an exhaust motor that pulls the air out of your laser and pushes it through piping to the outside. Lasers are often exhausted through the building roof or out the back. Permits may be needed, and a government agency inspection may be required. Motors can be loud so if possible, you may want to mount it on your roof. HVAC companies can usually install them. Another option (that does cost more) is to purchase a filter system made to exhaust a laser. They can sit near your laser(s), remove all the bad materials, and exhaust fresh air back into your laser room. Filters must be changed out based on your laser usage. Both systems should be cleaned on a scheduled basis. WHERE DO I PUT MY LASER? Often they are put against an outside wall of the shop. If you will exhaust it out- side, decide and set up your laser's home before you receive it. Remember, your laser needs power and you may want to connect it to your computer through a network if you have one. While you decide on a home for your laser, consider where the computer will be located and if the same person is operating both — the closer the operator is to the laser, the better. Also consider where you will store any frequently used inventory such as sheet goods. You should also place your laser in a clean location away from sandcarving machines, wood working equipment, and any other production processes that give off small particles (if you offer these). WHAT KIND OF COMPUTER DO I NEED? Most any modern-day PC will operate your laser. What you choose is based on the graphics software (and perhaps other software and attached hardware) you need/ want. If you plan to process large graphic files, a memory of 16 GB or larger with a fast processor and high-quality graphics A homemade adjustable holder laser cut from wood sheet stock. The two most popular basic graphics programs for our industry are CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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