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26 • A&E APRIL 2020 W hen you happen upon what I call a game-changer for sublimation, you just have to share it. The excitement, the buzz in the Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond Facebook group as well as among others, is currently coming from using lamination film to sublimate on uncoated substrates. Yes, you read that right: store-bought lamination film, heat-pressed on wood and other items and then sublimated. Imagine using lamination film to coat wood, ceramic, and store-bought canvas for pennies and having a vibrant, stun- ning look. I watched a video from a fellow subber Jeff Griffith on applying lamination film on a piece of wood. The wheels started turning and I thought, if it works on wood, it could work on just about anything that could take heat. I started experimenting with anything I thought would work — wood, ceramic, canvas, metal, and even a frosted glass candle holder. The substrates that I have had success with using lamination film are the thin wood pieces as well as the thick wood pieces with bark on them, flat canvas panels, uncoated ceramic tiles, and metal pieces. Using lamination film may not be a solution for everyone, but for those who don't mind the extra steps and are on a budget, or love to experiment, this is defi- nitely for them. PROCESS POINTERS Someone might wonder what the advantage is of using lamination instead of buying ready-made sublimation substrates. For those who have been looking to get into sublimation but are concerned about the cost of substrates and/or possibly ruining them, this is a perfect solution. Though it requires some added steps, for the price, it can't be beat. Note: if you have white in your image, it will take on the color of the wood or other substrate that you are using. SUBLIMATION BASICS AND BEYOND By Cheryl Kuchek Cheryl Kuchek is the owner of Just my Imagination DeZigns Inc. and has been active in the personalization industry for over 10 years. Cheryl has a passion for the industry and a love for helping people; she was the first to start a Facebook group to do just that. Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond is a resource to help those first starting out and those who are advanced. Cheryl can be reached at cheryl@just- What's New in the World of Sublimation? Using lamination film to sublimate uncoated substrates The tools and materials needed when using lamination for the sublimation process. ALL IMAGES COURTESY CHERYL KUCHEK

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