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A&E APRIL 2020 • 27 The lamination film is a two-step pro- cess. First you apply the lamination film on a piece of uncoated wood or other substrate by heat pressing it on, and then press your sublimated image. In step one when applying the lami- nation film, leave a little extra laminate around the edges to allow for shrinkage and allow enough time for the laminate to cool thoroughly before moving on to the sublimation process. If you press the image while the laminate is still hot, you will have bubbling in the lamination. Some people have inquired if it is safe to apply lamination to wood. The answer is yes, as the laminate is 100% polyester film. Another question I receive frequently is, "Would I be able to sell these items?" The answer is a little more complex to give a blanket answer, so I will try and break it down. In general, sublimated lamination prod- ucts should be used for decorative display purposes only. For example, the down- side to using the lamination film on an uncoated ceramic tile that would be used for a trivet would most likely cause the lamination to bubble when something hot is placed on it, and therefore would not be something you could sell. However, if you put that same tile in a frame to display it, you have a sellable item. The thin wood cuts from Michaels or Hobby Lobby sublimate beautifully and the image will not peel or scratch off. I bought the flat canvas panels, and thin wood and thicker wood with bark all from Michaels, and the uncoated ceramic tiles and metal pieces from Home Depot. You can get the thin wood and metal pieces from Hobby Lobby. Most of these items are inexpensive, and I even found some seasonal pieces for Valentine's Day and Easter at the dollar store. The glossy laminate film I use here was bought from Staples, and the other matte and glossy rolls I bought from Lami- nation Depot. Sublimation

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