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30 • A&E APRIL 2020 Donna M. Gray is the co-owner and president of Total Awards & Promotions/DonorApprecia- in Madison, Wisconsin. She has authored two books and for the past 20 years wrote a monthly column for two trade publications, and writes a semi-monthly blog for a business magazine. Donna is also a charter member of the Recognition Roundtable. THE GRAY AREA By Donna M. Gray, CRM 3 MOTIVATING INGREDIENTS The workplace is changing, and helping our team members get the most out of their work experience is directly tied to one cru- cial ingredient — their work passion and how fired up they are. Some experts say that this is accomplished in these three ways: 1. Help employees be intellectually connected to their work. Encourage them to feel capable and competent in their duties. 2. Help team members be personally connected. Having a good relationship between management and employees can help improve the personal connec- tion with the company. 3. Help staff be emotionally connected. Help them understand the purpose behind what they do. With help from management, allow team members to customize jobs so their passions, interests, and values are part of their daily routines. After many years in the industry, and even though I'm what I consider semi- retired, I still wake up excited and ready to tackle all the challenges our business sends my way because I love what I do… most days. Like many of us, I have my days when I'd gladly sell out for $1.98 and I'll pay the taxes, but then I get so fired up again that I wouldn't take millions to get out. I want to explore the ways to stay in that zone and share them with our team and you. PROMOTE ENTHUSIASM In chatting with others in our industry to see what fires them up, I've learned that some get excited when their gut (aka, intu- A s I'm writing this, it's the busy season in our industry. We're all working for what sometimes seems like around the clock to keep up so we don't miss a customer's deadline. Sometimes it's hard to keep going at that pace, and yet customers expect perfection and on-time delivery. When the going is tough, what fires you up? What excites you? What gets you going? What helps you to rise to the occasion? Let's Get Fired Up! Motivation in the workplace

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