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A&E APRIL 2020 • 31 Sales & Marketing ition) tells them to go for it. Some get fired up when they see new equipment at a trade show or conference and can picture all the ways it can be used to make money, to make work and life easier for them and their crew. (My husband, Dave, is like that when he finds new toys to play with.) Others shared that they get a surge of enthusiasm when they have the opportu- nity to give a proposal to a new prospect that they've been cultivating for a long time. This gets their creative juices flowing, which helps reignite the passion for what they do. I think most of us would agree that we feel good after romancing a prospect for a long time and finally get the chance to show them how good we are. The majority of industry salespeople I spoke to said getting and keeping cus- tomers happy was their big motivation. When asked how their company can help support their enthusiasm, many answers were similar: • Trust – Trust is a critical factor in building repeat business. A company has to deliver what their sales team promises: the exact product, done the exact way, at the exact time promised. • Stand behind the work – When a company stands behind its work, cus- tomers stand behind the company. Guarantees and warranties are ways to show customers that the company is confident in their work and ready to support a great client/company relationship. • Stand behind the service – Service guarantees are just as important as product guarantees. In our industry, service is important because with most of our sales, the customer can't really try our products until they've already purchased them. • Stand behind the price – Many sales- people cringe when they have sold a product at a price that somehow gets elevated when the project is completed. Customers don't like surprises at the end of the project when they've bud- geted for what they bargained for at the beginning. In our industry, when there can be variables once one gets into the project, we sometimes have to bite the bullet and honor the bid price. • Stand behind your team – Get to know your employee's clients. Know the people you serve. In his book "Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service," Ron Zemke said, "It's easy to take regular and walk-in customers for granted. Don't. Thank them for choosing to do business with you." • Stand with your team – Help keep the sales pipeline full. It's easy to be fired up when the pipeline is full and customers are out bragging about your company. Not too long ago, a prospect we'd been nurturing for a long time came to our store because they had a trophy emergency (yes, Virginia, there are trophy emergencies) and their current online vendor couldn't provide what they needed by their deadline. This immediately sent me into the fired-up zone because I knew that by fixing this prospect's problem, we would have the chance to show them one of the advantages of working with a local brick-and-mortar professional. What excites you? What gets you going? What helps you rise to the occasion?

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